The CornerPrints Guarantee

We strive to ensure you are satisfied with every purchase

When you shop on CornerPrints. We think it’s great, and we strive to make sure you’re happy with every purchase you make. If anything goes wrong, We are here to assist you.

Need to exchange for another size? That’s free. Need to replace a damaged item? Also free. Need help before or after your purchase? We are ready to assist. Our support team is well-trained and very friendly, we are always ready to assist you via email and SMS.

At CornerPrints, we put our customers first because we ensure the quality of our customer experience. Contact us here and we are always ready to assist with your case.
Products purchased are warranted under this warranty for 30 days from the date of delivery.

*Please note, for all orders shipped outside the United States, we will service all defective or unwanted orders within 60 days of delivery.

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